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Leaked Bjork album

As much as I don't want to celebrate the leaking of albums (what happened to Madonna is pretty rough), I can't help but to be excited about learning more about a new Bjork album.  Check out the album art and tracklisting:

Vulnicura Tracklist:  01. Stone Milker (6:49)  02. Lion Song (6:16)  03. History of Touches (2:56)  04. Black Lake (10:04)  05. Family (7:57)  06. NotGet (6:23)  07. Atom Dance (ft. Antony Hegarty) (8:08)  08. Mouth Mantra (6:06)  09. Quicksand (3:48)


leaked album art for Vulnicura

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Turns out they just decided to release the Vulnicura on iTunes! 

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